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Data Recovery Services

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most trusted names in advanced data recovery service industry. Since its advent in 1993, Stellar has served millions of satisfied customers across the world (Europe, Asia and USA). With its innovative data recovery tools, techniques, in-house R & D and state of the art infrastructure of CLASS 100 Clean Room Labs, Stellar has been providing the best data recovery solutions, the entire industry can ever offer.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company; Stellar offers a transparent, risk-free and well documented recovery process, ensuring maximum possible data recovery within minimum turn around time. The recovery capabilities at Stellar Data Recovery Kolkata include: Hard Disk Recovery, Laptop/Desktop Recovery, Database Recovery, Server/NAS/SAN Recovery, RAID Recovery, Photo Recovery, Email Recovery, SSD Recovery, File Recovery and many more.

At any instance of data loss, consult Stellar Experts for safe recovery of your precious data. Call Stellar Data Recovery Kolkata at: (033) 4003 1206

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Laptop and Desktop

laptop & Desktop RecoveryStellar recovers your lost or inaccessible data from any laptop & desktop hard drives irrespective of make/model/brand. With its advanced data recovery tools, techniques and the required infrastructure, Stellar is able to recover data from any crashed / damaged Laptop & Desktop storage media. read more

RAID & Server Recovery

RAID & Server RecoveryWith over 19 years of experience in Raid Data Recovery technologies, Stellar is capable to recover your business critical data from all types of Server (Web, Application, Mail, Domain Controller) & storage boxes (NAS, SAN) having any RAID configurations. Whatever is the instance of RAID or Server failure, Stellar ensures maximum possible recovery of your precious data within minimum turnaround time. read more

Data Sanitization

Data SanitizationData sanitization service at Stellar is aimed at providing permanent erasing or wiping of sensitive information from the selected media. With extremely powerful and certified wiping algorithms in place, Stellar ensures that the data once wiped can never be recovered using any data recovery tool/ more

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Stellar Disk Sanitization Services are CERTIFIED solution to erase your confidential data from hard disk, tapes and floppies. read more


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