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What Is Cloud Computing All About And How Does It Work

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

Over the past decades, file saving and sharing have gone through some major advancement. Today, you can find various smaller devices with higher storage capacities. With the introduction of cloud computing, now you can access your files from anywhere at any time, thus avoiding the need to save all data on one particular device. It is like a metaphor for the Internet, which shares information through satellite networks.

At an organizational level, it allows you to use just one application that would allow you to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs. With organizations depending more and more on such services, it has changed the way business is done.

In a cloud computing network, the workload is balanced between all the participating computers. Heavy works like running applications are handled by the network of computers instead of the local computers. A user just has to run the cloud computing software instead of adding hardware or software in case the number of user increases.

There are various forms in which cloud computing can be used. You must have experienced some form of cloud computing. For example, while working with any of the email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., you must have noticed that the storage for the email account does not reside on your computer. Such storage resides on a different computer that can be accessed anywhere and at any time through a Web-based e-mail account.

How Does Cloud Work?

Cloud computing uses almost the same structure as used by any other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The cloud computing takes advantage of the network of computers that forms a cloud. It is basically a service-oriented architecture consisting of a grid of computers.

Unlike most websites that rely on a specific computer or server, the cloud utilizes the resources from the set of computers that forms the part of a cloud collectively. The applications that run are now least dependent upon the computer and their configuration. The resources form a floating cloud making the hardware least important for the application to run.

With the high-speed Internet, sharing resources, software, and the information is easier. With the Apple’s iCloud, the information is stored and maintained on a physical server through the Internet. This avoids the need to store the information on the local machine. In case you need to edit some official files, you can do that simultaneously with other users. This makes you feel like an office, away from the office.

Depending upon the need, there are various cloud computing services. From an individual user to an IT company, the cloud caters the need for all of them. For example, an individual who wants to store photos, documents, audios, videos, etc. can avail a free storage space of 5GB with iCloud. For any additional storage requirements, you need to pay the amount depending upon the space required. You can either pay the fee on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis, depending on the services you are using.

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